The action has begun!

X24 is back — with Season 2!

We present X24.2016 – the second season of an annual 24-hour build marathon held at Extentia. Once again, a unique opportunity for Extentians to present creative flair, innovation, skills, passion, and concepts.

This is an event where six teams with ten participants each will compete by selecting one of the defined challenges – to prove their abilities from concept to pitch within 24 hours. The objective is to come up with a solution for real-world problems.

Season 2 offers new and exciting twists while keeping the essence of X24.

X24.2016 ‘Gurus’, who are well-regarded industry experts, will be there to judge the teams. X24.2016 will again bring together project managers, sales people, creators, developers, designers, and doers from across the company. Among the most popular company events, it allows Extentians across teams to bond while creating cutting edge solutions using the latest technologies.

The aim is to provide a top-class platform for Extentians to learn new concepts, experiment and innovate with new technology, interact and meet people across departments, and most importantly acquire skills as a team — all in a day!

Along with fun-filled yet intense moments, this season promises to keep everyone on their toes with inspiring new revelations at each stage.

Do Smart. Be Smart.

  • S = Sketch
  • M = Model
  • A = Architect
  • R = Resolve
  • T = Transact


September 23, 2016


  • Welcome and Introduction


  • The ‘Twist’
  • Challenge Statements


  • X24 Open House: Selection of Challenge Statements and Techquarium Device


  • Let the Coding Begin


  • Special Coaching Sessions


  • X24 Marketplace (Intellectual Services) Open till 19:00


  • X24 Marketplace (Hands On Services) Open till 8:00, September 24


  • Rangmanch – Talent Showcase

September 24, 2016


  • Refresh with Yoga


  • X24 Marketplace (Intellectual Services) Open till 11:00


  • Code Freeze


  • Guru Evaluation – Round 1 and 2


  • Closing Ceremony


We Know Where You Are

Create a platform that makes it easy to get notifications based on exceptions to user whereabouts. The platform may continue to log and track user location, but notifications are only raised when an exception is noted.

Meet and Win

Create a mobile solution to collect or exchange pieces of token fragments available with other users based on proximity (Bluetooth). These individual fragments are useless, but when assembled (automatically) by the user’s app, present the user with a message, coupon, token, etc. that promotes the sponsoring brand.

Give and Take

Create a way of communicating what you want and what you have to offer in exchange – goods or services, used or new. The platform will not support monetary transactions and the perceived value of the exchange is solely a function of the involved parties. Use geolocation, tags, and notifications to inform users of possible exchange opportunities.

Tell Me

A communication platform to be used in closed groups for easy reporting of problems or positive feedback. This can be done through pictures, videos, voice or text. ‘Facilitator Groups’ can track and manage these reported feedback and take relevant action. All action shows up in an activity feed.


Not participating in X24.2016, yet want to follow the event closely? Our energetic X24.2016 crew, working round the clock will keep you posted on all the activity behind the scenes, right here. We recommend you don’t miss the action at this 24-hour hackathon!


Eminent industry experts across domains who will judge the teams on a wide range of criteria – innovation, creativity, presentation skills, and workable solutions.

Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith
Stephen is the Founding Director of both – Pixel Image (UK) Ltd. and Pixel Image (India) Pvt. Ltd. He has a vast experience in 3D, web design technologies, app design, stereoscopic video production, AR, and is now a driving force in leveraging VR in the marketing space.
Aroon Khatter
Aroon Khatter
Aroon is the Founder of Virrea Technologies, a quickly grown start-up in the e/m/Governance and VR solutions space. Having started his entrepreneurial career at the young age of 22, he possesses experience in collaborating with various start-ups in the past.
Sandeep Agate
Sandeep Agate
Sandeep is the President and CEO of Krixi Corporation and is responsible for the company’s overall vision, mission, and execution of the corporate strategy. With over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience in healthcare and cloud-based services, he was also the founding President and CEO of REACH Call Inc., now REACH Health.
Dr. Anil Lamba
Dr. Anil Lamba
Dr. Lamba is a practicing Chartered Accountant and holds degrees in Commerce, Law and a Doctorate in Taxation. With over two decades of experience in training and consulting in finance, he has created and developed two series of training videos, ‘Figure Out the World of Figures’, and ‘Anil Lamba on Finance’. He has done pioneering work in distance education and e-learning.


What’s new this time?

Introducing the Marketplace at X24.2016!

Sure, teams in general will be ‘skilled up’ for this year’s hackathon — having picked up knowledge and ideas in anticipation of the upcoming problem statements. However, there’s a good chance they’d need more than that in some cases. So when they go ‘Wish we had ‘:

Enter the  Marketplace! Teams trade in points from the final evaluation for a service or skill.
Their currency? The xCoin — they get 5 xCoins that cost a point each out of the total.

Think they’ll bite and go for it in the interest of an improved app or product? Or will they not risk losing points? The Marketplace — ‘buy if you see value!’

Business and Sales Design Studio
Technical Consultancy TechQuarium Gyaan
Product Thinking

Introducing the first twist of the second season! What’s wild, you wonder?

This year at X24, we introduced wild card entries for participants – one per house. Among several enthusiastic volunteers we picked 6 young Extentians. In their own words, here’s why they deserved a spot!

“After trying twice for a spot in the team, the Wild Card Entry surprise was a chance I couldn’t miss out on. Now that I’m in, I can feel this sudden pressure, considering only a day is left and so much needs to be done. I have some major butterflies in my stomach. All said and done, I’m extremely grateful to be part of the 24-hour journey where people achieve nothing less than awesomeness!” – Aditi, Team Infinite

“I just got a sneak of X24 last time, but this time I want to feel it. As a Spartan I have to help fellow team members to win the battle.” – Kaushal, Team Spartans

“I deserve this spot because as a house captain, I have to fulfill my duty and jump into the battlefield to make sure that our ‘Variables’ go till infinity. Team formation is very critical as we need people having different skill sets to perform well and now we can achieve our goal of winning.” Ghanshyam, Team Constant Variables

“I wanted to be a part of the team since always, but unfortunately I could not make it to the top 10. The last minute wild card  entry twist got me very excited and I hope that it will be a great learning experience for me overall.” – Pranit, Team Royal Brigade

“As I was unable to participate in x24 last year, I was eagerly looking forward to this season. When the Parikrama team was  finalised, I was slightly disappointed on not being selected. So when I heard about the wild card entry, I geared up once again,  and I’m so glad I’ve been selected! I guess it’s because I was confident and didn’t lose hope. I’m very excited for the big day – 24 hours of awesomeness! #x24” – Rohan, Team Parikrama

“I am really excited to enter through wild card for X24.2016 and contribute to Unicorn’s success in the X24. I am sure my expertise in UI/UX and HTML will help the team to come up with some good looking UI.” – Vikram, Team Unicorn

We now wait for more twists to be revealed. Do you?


Email questions to and we will respond as soon as we can!

See you at X24!