An annual 24-hour build marathon held at Extentia since 2015, X24 is back this September. It presents a unique opportunity again for Extentians to present innovation, technology skills, creative flair,  passion, and concepts.

Six teams with members from across diverse departments will compete by selecting one of the defined challenges. They need to prove their abilities from concept to pitch within 24 hours. The objective is to come up with a workable solution for real-world problems. A panel of eminent judges from industry will evaluate the final presentations after interacting with the teams.

X24 is intended to be a top-class platform for Extentians to learn new concepts, experiment, and innovate with new technology. It also enables close interaction for them across company teams. All of this in a day!

There will be fun, intense competition, and rewards again. Extentians have already sent in dozens of ideas – the 2017 season has several interesting changes, that you’ll learn about right here!

Do Smart. Be Smart.

  • S = Sketch
  • M = Model
  • A = Architect
  • R = Resolve
  • T = Transact

The Idea Challenge

We started this year’s X24 fun with an ‘Idea Challenge’ early August, where we asked Extentians for ideas!


Email questions to X24.2017.Core@extentia.com and we will respond as soon as we can!

See you at X24!